A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Design & Technology

Designing a skateboard ramp (2010)
Build a stomp box (2013)
Building a computer  (2016)
Building a desktop computer (2015)
Building a guitar (2014)
Building a mobile solar panel that will track the sun (2013)
Building an electric guitar (2011)
Building a synthesizer (2013)
Building guitar : Fender Telecaster 52 (2013)
Making a four bit adder (2013)
Constructing an electric guitar (2014)
The construction of an electric guitar pickup (2011)
Construction of a tennis ball mortar (2013)
Design and build a valve guitar amplifier (2013)
Design, manufacture and testing of a remote controlled aircraft (2013)
Converting an electric guitar to a travel guitar (2018)
Building and designing a window cleaning robot - product (2019)
A hippotherapy aid specified dystrophy – A product (2020)
Building a guitar (2020)
Sustainable home for hamsters and promotion campaign – A product (2020)
Construction of a fully functional electric go-kart (2021)
Engineering a robot to aid automotive addictive manufacturing microfactories (2021)
The 3D printing and assembly of a prosthetic hand (2021)
Making a CNC drawing machine (2022)
Fashion forecasting: producing a collection based on the analysis of social trends and business factors (2022)
Building an electric guitar (2022)
Designing and making a sustainable bicycle (2022)
A 3D model of a disaster response robot using cinema 4D (2022)
Building a radio-controlled car (2022)
A step-by-step guide to making a traditional Ghagra Choli (2022)

Exemplar Projects

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