A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Geography (2017 -2020)

Could some of the damage caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami have been prevented to any extent? (2017)
How does the transport system of Singapore compare to Hong Kong, London and New York? (2017)
To what extent has tourism had a positive impact on the livelihood strategies of the Hmong Hill tribe in northern Vietnam? (2017)
To what extent would quotas and other sustainable fishing methods solve and prevent the ecological damage caused by overfishing? (2017)
To what extent will China's investments in renewables be enough to combat air pollution without removing its coal industry? (2018)
To what extent can education pull people out of poverty in Vietnam? (2018)
Do immigrants truly integrate into their host societies? A Singapore perspective (2018)
The Maldives - a nation in peril (2018)
Can renewable energy alone sustain the energy demands of the world? (2018)
To what extent are social factors the greatest threat to the sustainable development of Singapore? (2018)
Magazine - Wild Wonders - adaptations of the nature world (2018)
To what extent does immigration meet the expectations of blue collar domestic workers in Singapore? (2019)
To what extent has climate change impacted Antarctica? (2019)
To what extent is coral transplantation an effective mitigation strategy for coral resilience to rising sea temperatures? (2019)
To what extent has the spread of disease been a consequence of economic development and globalisation? (2019)
To what extent have micro-credit schemes improved the lives of women in Bangladesh? (2019)
To what extent are migrants into Singapore seen as a blessing? (2019)
To what extent is the residential segregation of migrants in Melbourne desirable? (2019)
To what extent will Singapore’s water supply be self-sufficient by 2060? (2019)
To what extent was the 1965 Brazilian Forest Code effective in defending the Amazon rainforest? (2020)

Exemplar Projects - Geography (2016 and before)

Are profit motives affecting access to quality healthcare? (2015)
Does solar energy have the potential to become Singapore's main energy provider? (2014)
Effects of 2011 Tohoku Earthquake on Japan (2015)
Global Warming - an animation (2014)
How are climate change innovations helping to mitigate global warming? (2016)
Impact of water on Israeli-Palestine conflict (2015)
Singapore, economic growth and low fertility rate (2014)
Technological advancements and seismic activity (2015)
To what extent are the effects of global warming on water scarcity negative and solvable? (2011)
To what extent does HIV/AIDS impact socio-economic conditions in the global community? (2013)
To what extent does Singapore's CBD today reflect the work of Raffles? (2013)
To what extent is Singapore an environmentally sustainable city, and what attempts have been made to achieve full sustainability? (2016)
To what extent is there a need for education NGOs and how significant is their role within Cambodian society? (2016)
To what extent should nuclear power be used to replace fossil fuels in Japan? (2016)
Volcanic eruptions and global travel (2015)
Waking the dead : a study of the socio-economic and environmental implications of building a dual carriage way through Bukit-Brown cemetery (2014)
What are the implications of Singapore's immigration policy for its economic and social development? (2010)
What are the social, environmental and economic values of volcanoes? A Case Study: Mount Pinatubo and Mount Etna  (2016)
What effect has immigration had on Singapore in relation to society and economy? (2015)
What role has the debt crisis of the late 1970's played in the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa? (2010)
What will be the impact of increasing demands for natural resources on 21st century international relations? (2014)
How can Tanglin be more green? A proposal (2013)
The development and practical application of Merino wool into fashion (2010)

Exemplar Projects

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