A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Economics (2021 and after)

Exemplar Projects - Economics (2017 - 2020)

How were the US government and the Federal Reserve at fault for the 2008 financial crisis? (2017)
Is positive discrimination the best approach to resolving the issue of gender inequality in the UK as well as ensuring economic success? (2017)
To what extent are indicators of inflation accurate? (2017)
To what extent does the Greek debt crisis impact the European and Greek economies? (2017)
To what extent has the French socialist model limited economic growth and wealth creation in the past 20 years? (2017)
To what extent should human organ trade be legalised when analysed through an economists and ethicists perspective? (2017)
Was hosting the FIFA World Cup beneficial to the individual economies of Brazil and South Africa? (2017)
Why did crude oil prices fall from June 2014 to its lowest in January 2016 and what is its impact on countries within OPEC? (2017)
Will fracking benefit the UK and how will it impact global energy security in the future? (2017)
Will the legacy of the 2022 FIFA world cup be economically sustainable in Qatar? (2017)
How has the economic development of the Asian Tigers affected Tiger Cubs economies? (2018)
Which sector of the US economy was most affected by 9/11? (2018)
To what extent will the global rise of populism have negative economic effects? (2018)
To what extent is the world no longer "flat"? (2018)
To what extent have cryptocurrencies influenced illegal drug purchasing online? (2019)
The gender gap in Silicon Valley (2019)
To what extent has increasing protectionism affected Singapore? (2019)
To what extent is there a relationship between socio-economic indicators and happiness? (2019)
How are stock prices impacted by cyber security breaches? (2019)
To what extent do students have an influence over their undergraduate economics education? (2019)
How has the 2008 financial crisis affected youth culture in Spain? (2019)
To what extent has Singapore succeeded in growing and diversifying its macroeconomy? (2020)
How far have the economic objectives of the UK recovered since the financial crisis? (2020)
To what extent did the 9/11 terrorist attacks adversely affect the US economy? (2020)
To what extent does cryptocurrency act as an alternative survival method to a failing economy? (2020)
Keynesian economics (2020)
How did the impact of the global financial crisis in terms of unemployment and trade differ in China to the UK? (2020)
To what extent is the Venezuela crisis caused by hyperinflation? (2020)
To what extent are electric vehicles beneficial to the UK economy? (2020)

Exemplar Projects - Economics (2016 and before)

An analysis of Margaret Thatcher's economics policies between 1979 and 1990 (2014)
What are the economic conditions and reasons why the USA is not a superpower in football? (2011)
China's Economy and Development: Could China be classified as an MEDC? (2016)
A comparison of the Nehruvian approach versus Singh's liberalisation of India's economy in changing economic fronts  (2011)
Effects of the 2008 economics crisis on the price of housing, gold, oil bank shares and government bonds : a report (2014)
The history of oil and how it has had an influential impact on the US economy since the formation of OPEC (2011)
Hotel marketing proposal (2013)
How did the severity of the socio-economic impacts of the global financial crisis that commenced in 2008 differ in Singapore in contrast to Spain? (2016)
How has the global financial crisis of 2008 put pressure on the British private firms and what have the consequences been from this event, with links to unemployment? (2011)
How important is transatlantic trade between the USA and the EU, and what is its future after the Eurozone crisis? (2013)
How would we introduce a single global currency and what would be the effects of its implementation on governments, firms and consumers? (2014)
Is it true that there is a correlation between high birth rates and low economic growth? (2013)
Is manufacturing the main reason behind the Chinese economic success? (2015)
Is population the crucial factor in China's transition from Bric status to Superpower? (2014)
The profit motive : a key to sustainable growth. A focus on China (2014)
The replicability of the socioeconomic development of Singapore between 1965 and 1995 (2014)
Share portfolio: investigating the workings of financial markets (2015)
To what extent did the 2014 FIFA World Cup affect Brazil's Economy?  (2016)
To what extent does a country benefit economically from hosting a major sporting event? (2016)
To what extent has corruption in South Africa impacted the economy? (2016)
To what extent has the diversion of food crops for making first generation biofuels contributed to the 2007-2008 world food price crisis? (2011)
To what extent has tourism from the London Olympic games affected the economy? (2016)
To what extent have political decisions and influences, led to the detrimental Greek debt crisis and potential withdrawal from the Eurozone? (2013)
Which factor was the most substantial cause of the 2008 financial crisis? (2014)
What can be done to solve the crisis of poverty in LEDCs? (2015)

Exemplar Projects

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