A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Politics (2016 and before)

'I would not mind betting that if Mr. Gladstone were alive today he would apply to join the Conservative Party' (Thatcher 1983). To what extent is this true? (2012)
'The impact of the post-election violence in Kenya from 2007-2008 was significant yet short term.' To what extent is this statement true? (2013)
Did just prevail for Troy Davis? (2013)
Do coalition governments work in modern day Britain? (2015)
Do juries comprehend trial information and procedure? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
How are children of incarcerate parents handled by external figures and to what extent are they acknowledged in society? (2013)
How has the release of information by Edward Snowden affected Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
How have miscarriages of justice highlighted major flaws in the UK legal and justice system? (2013)
Impact of university fees (2014)
In the cases of Amanda Knox and O.J. Simpson, how far did the media influence the outcome of their trials? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
Is government censorship and secrecy a threat to modern democracies? (2015)
Is prison just and effective? (2014)
Kim Jong-un: A new hope or another nightmare? (Part1, Part2, Part3) (2016)
Morals and ethics in law (2014)
Press freedom in Singapore (2015)
Second amendment and violence in USA (2015)
Should Britain leave the EU? (2014)
Should National Service be re-introduced in the United Kingdom? (2013)
Social implications of excessive alcohol consumption in Russia (2015)
Thatcher and social mobility (2015)
To what extend is the second amendment in the constitution of the USA out-dated - a lecture (2015)
To what extent are the socio-economic impacts of obesity crippling the NHS and how can this be prevented? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent did the Cold War bring an end to Socialism? (2013)
To what extent did the Conservative Party succeed in redefining itself during its years in opposition 1997-2010? (2013)
To what extent do electoral systems in the UK and Germany affect the number of parties which can effectively compete to win a general election? (2009)
To what extent do UKIP have an effect on British politics? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent has a separate Children's Bill of Rights failed to add value in relation to the health sector in South Africa, in the years 1996-2000? (2011)
To what extent has Christianity had a significant influence over laws made in USA? (2015)
To what extent has the impacts of immigration had an effect on UK politics at both a local and national level? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent is capital punishment a method of practicing true justice or a breach of human rights? (2014)
To what extent is constitutional protectionism responsible for the maintenance of legal gun ownership in America? (2014)
To what extent is reunification necessary and beneficial for Korea? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent was Gorbachev's leadership the main reason for the fall of the Berlin wall? (2011)
Was Singapore's political influence vital in engineering it's economic growth since its independence? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
What is the effect of the European Convention on human rights in the UK? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
What type of conservative is David Cameron? (Part1, Part2) (2010)
Why do we favour prisons over other forms of punishment? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
Why has Thailand faced political instability since 2006? (2015)

Exemplar Projects

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