A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Physics (2017 and after)

Build a quadcopter and remote control (2017)
How can emergency whistles be optimised for design and use in rural environments? (2017)
The past, present and future of the car engine; will the internal combustion engine survive? (2017)
What are directed energy weapons and what is their future? (2018)
What would happen to our solar system when the sun dies? (2018)
Engineering advancements and autonomous transport (2019)
To what extent will the lithium-ion battery dominate the industry within the next 30 years? (2019)
Building a camera lens – product (2019)
To what extent can solar energy contribute towards solving the clean energy crisis? (2019)
To what extent does the formation and nature of stellar and supermassive black holes vary? (2019)
How valid are the different interpretations of quantum mechanics? (2019)
Does the future of photovoltaics lie in polycrystalline silicon solar cells?  (2019)
Why did supersonic travel fail? (2020)
Is time an illusion and can it be manipulated? (2020)
To what extent could nanotechnology be utilized for the production of electronics and alternative energy? (2020)
To what extent are the planets in the solar system able to support human life? (2020)
Designing a solar powered ultraviolet water purification system for the developing world (2021)
To what extent can the application of non-Newtonian fluid become a successful innovation? (2021)
Engineering a model maglev train – A product (2021)
Could hydroelectric power be created outside our front door? (2021)
Engineered model yacht (2021)
Exploration of rocket development – A product (2021)
An investigation of the feasibility of acoustic levitation with low power standing waves (2021)
What are the current nuclear fusion technologies and challenges and how could the implementation of fusion reactors benefit the world? (2022)
To what extent should humans further explore space? (2022)
What is Einstein's theory of relativity and what are its implications on time? (2022)
Tensegrity structures (2022)

Exemplar Projects

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