A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - English (2016 and before)

'Haunted' : a short story that explores the emotional impact of September 11th 2001 on a family (2011)
Comparison of The Bell Jar, The Yellow Wallpaper and The Catcher In The Rye (2015)
Creative writing - a science fiction novella (2015)
Creative writing : "All in your mind" (2015)
The evolution of the fairy tale genre : Little Red Riding Hood (2013)
An exploration of the relationship between madness, gender and society : referencing 'The Bell Jar' and novels by the Bronte Sisters (2014)
The finding: an existentialist piece (2016)
How does T.S. Eliot use the past in The Waste Land? (2016)
How do gender stereotypes in Disney differ from their original fairy tales? (2016)
Literature and the Holocaust (2014)
Literature in the 1800s (2014)
A pastiche of a James Joyce short story based on a stylistic analysis of 'Dubliners' (2008)
Post Traumntic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the 20th century imagination: a study into the perception of shell shock in World War 1 and modern day Britain (2016)
The shadow of the eagles: a novel (2016)
Short story - "Somewhere that's green" (2015)
A short story based upon the research of a mixture of modern and classical novelists (2013)
Should phonics be used in the classroom as a literacy strategy? (2013)
Technology in dystopian literature (2013)
To what extent does classical American literature criticise the pursuit of the American Dream? (2016)
To what extent were the seeds of radical ideas and revolution in Russia evident in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment? (2014)
What ever happened to the Gentleman Detective? (2016)
Write a science fiction novella (2013)

Exemplar Projects

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