A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Psychology (2017 and after)

An investigation on the link between the mind and pain - a lecture (2017)
The treatment of autism: a comparison of the effectiveness in the leading approaches of therapy (2017)
To what extent does media and technology affect children's social behaviour? (2017)
To what extent is aggressive behaviour developed as a result of childhood adversity? (2017)
Why do women suffer from depression more than men? (2017)
The psychological effects of sexual abuse on a child and the treatments available in Singapore (2018)
To what extent do you agree that using technology is the best coping mechanism for dyslexia? (2018)
To what extent does biological psychology play a role in major depressive disorder? (2018)
To what extent should electroconvulsive therapy be used to treat depression? (2018)
To what extent are psychological principles used by the fast food industry successful in influencing consumer behaviour? (2018)
Do the advantages of force feeding anorexic patients as a means of treatment overpower the disadvantages? (2018)
Explore whether genetics or environmental factors have a greater influence on the development of personality? (2018)
To what extent do genetic factors contribute to addiction? (2018)
To what extent should secondary school students with special needs be educated in separate facilities? (2018)
To what extent does the use of ultra thin models in the media cause eating disorders? (2018)

Exemplar Projects - Psychology (2016 and before)

Are humans born with the capacity to be evil? (2013)
Are mental disorders, such as eating disorders and depression, the result of nature or nurture? (2011)
Children's labelling and drawing of basic emotions (2010)
How do phobias affect people's everyday lives? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
An investigation into the benefits of optimism (2015)
An investigation into the psychology of helping behaviour (2015)
Nature versus nurture, which is more prominent in its effect on one's nonverbal cues? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
Obesity in Japan and America (2015)
The psychological effects on adopted children (2015)
Should children who commit murder be held responsible for their actions? (2013)
A study of the causes of Schizophrenia (2013)
To what extent are attractive people more successful in the labour market and should laws be introduced to prevent discrimination? (2012)
To what extent are eating disorders and the desire to be thin a direct result of the media? (2013)
To what extent does an elderly stroke patient's psychological mindset affect physiotherapy rehabilitation? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent does having depression, anxiety or chronic stress affect a patient's likelihood of developing a diabetes-related complication? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent does our lack of understanding of schizophrenia contribute to its associated social stigmas? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
To what extent does present evidence suggest a genetic cause of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? (2013)
To what extent do the minds of criminals differ from the mainstream mind? (2013)
To what extent has the media affected our self-concept and body image? (2013)
To what extent is a person committing acts of violence or crime influenced by experiences or genetic makeup?  (2013)
To what extent is psychology important to the performance of the modern rugby player? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
Understanding Gender Identity Disorder: To what extent do biological, social and cultural factors influence the development of gender dysphoria? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
What are the most influential factors on interpersonal attraction? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
What are the possible causes of autism spectrum disorder and what are the effects with regards to communication? (2010)
What can we learn from twin studies and how we can apply this knowledge? (2013)
Why are some individuals more susceptible to addiction than others? (Part1, Part2) (2016)

Exemplar Projects

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