A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - History (2017 and after)

Was Augustus Caesar's image as princeps a facade? (2017)
Which regime was more oppressive in their treatment of women: revolutionary Iran or nazi Germany? (2017)
To what extent did Spartan women benefit from being more "liberated" than their Athenian counterparts in classical Greece? (2017)
Product: the making of a medieval English longbow (2018)
Access the consequences of the Mongol conquest and consolidation in the 13th century (2018)
In what ways do the similarities and differences between Tudor dynasties and Kardashians help explain how society has evolved over time? (2018)
To what extent do US military tactics the main reason for the failure in Vietnam? (2018)
Was the fall of the British Empire due to WWII? (2019)
The Scottish wars of independence (2019)
To what extent was WWII the main reason for the rise of the USA as a superpower? (2019)
How does the status of women in ancient Athens influence the image of women in western society? (2019)
A comparison of 15th century witch trials in Europe and modern witch trials in Africa (2020)
To what extent did the aviation development in the WWII and the Cold War affect the modern aviation industry? (2020)
To what extent did Cosimo de Medici deserve the title “Pater Patriae”? (2020)
To what extent is Napoleon responsible for laying the foundations for WWI? (2020)
Women’s right in USA (2021)
To what extent have the events throughout the 20th century influenced the ideal body type of women in France? (2021)
South African history – A documentary (2021)
To what extent did Henry VI’s incompetence as a ruler act as catalyst to the Wars of the Roses? (2021)
A history of the Lion City – A documentary (2021)
To what extent did Empress Wu achieve and consolidate power through ruthless opportunism, which created a distorted legacy? (2022)

Exemplar Projects - History (2016 and before)

An analysis of the personality of Alexander the Great (2009)
An assessment of the contribution of Irish volunteers to the cause of the Spanish Republic, 1936-38 (2016)
Between the civilisations of Ancient Rome and Ancient China, who has had a greater impact on technology today? (2010)
A comparison of the Iraq invasion & World War One and public opinion (2011)
Did citizens in rural China benefit more during the Maoist era or the subsequent reform era? (2015)
The end of the Cold War (2014)
An evaluation of the similarities and differences between mythological heroes of Ancient Greece and Rome, and comic book heroes today (2013)
The history of Singapore reflected in its building - an illustrated journey (2010)
How did the Italian civil war affect politics and society? (2009)
How far have the lives of women in Britain changed since the early 20th century? (2016)
How far was Chairman Mao the sole driving force behind the cultural revolution? (2013)
How have changes in the social status of women been reflected in their clothing during the twentieth century? (2010)
In what ways and with what success is the social impact of the Japanese occupation of Singapore portrayed? (2011)
In what ways did Stalin's policy of collectivisation in 1928 change and influence Russian agricultural patterns and the lifestyle of the peasantry? (2009)
The social and economic development of Singapore, from Raffles to today (2011)
To what extent can it be argued that the enlightenment was the most significant cause of the French revolution? (2014)
To what extent can Stalin be considered 'The Red Tsar'? (2014)
To what extent did the position of women differ in 5th Century BC Athens and 2nd Century AD Rome? (2016)
To what extent did the relationship between cricket, politics and society change in the British West Indies between the introduction of the game and 1984? (2010)
To what extent did the Yom Kippur War of 1973 challenge the 'Invincible' image of Israel? (2013)
To what extent has culture had an influence on the Singapore shophouse and the citizens residing within? (2015)
To what extent is history the creation of the historian? (2013)
To what extent is it reasonable to compare slavery in ancient Rome to slavery in the modern world? (2015)
To what extent was Henry's break with Rome primarily a political event rather than a religious one? (2011)
To what extent was the early Roman Republic doomed from the start? (2015)
To what extent was the First World War caused by the failure of the Bismarckian alliance system? (2011)
To what extent were the Allies, in particular the British at fault for the Fall of Singapore to the Japanese Imperial Army in February 1942? (2011)
Was Joan of Arc the most important reason for England's loss of the Hundred Years' War? (2016)
What was the effect of World War II on 1940s fashion? (2011)
Why did the British achieve victory against massive odds at the Battle of Rorke's Drift in 1879? (2011)

Exemplar Projects

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