A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Art and Design (2017 and after)

An architectural model of Marina Bay Sands (2017)
To what extent has Alexander McQueen changed the mainstream way we see fashion today? (2017)
To what extent is Modernism reflected through Singapore's public housing? (2017)
Piece of art - "isolation" (2018)
A comic addressing mental illness and support (2018)
Graphic novel: stories of otherworldly phenomena (2018)
Comparing and exploring the mind-set of artists (2018)
3D textile product to aid learning of biological concepts (2019)
Making 3 pieces of clothing - product (2019)
Exploring the culture surrounding death through art - product (2019)
How does fashion allow us to silently express ourselves - product (2019)
12 fashion designs inspired by Japan - product (2019)
To what extent did the diaspora artist, Chris Ofili, affect the contemporary art scene? (2020)
Architecture – Building online and to-scale model to aid in planning (2020)
A book – How has the perception and dictation of gender roles influenced fashion?  (2020)
Tattoos – A reflection of identity (2020)
Making a costume inspired by Shakespearean plays  (2021)
Creating props and costumes from the Star Wars franchise (2021)
Creating horror prosthetic makeup (2021)
Visual novel titled 'Pocket' that shows how capitalism stunts the growth of art as a creative medium (2022)
An exploration in world building: concept art exploring the spiritual world (2022)
Eyes of the patient [painting] (2022)

Exemplar Projects

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