A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - ICT (2020 and before)

A beginner's guide to HTML (2016)
Designing and creating an online video game with a pre-teen audience (2016)
To what extent do the rapid advances in nanotechnology affect the economic industry of computer systems? (2016)
A planning app to allow students to access their timetable and other school information including news from the parent portal  (2017)
Building a PC (2017)
Building an autonomous room mapping car (2017)
Designing a web server with the use of Raspberry Pi and open source software (2017)
How has Artificial Intelligence evolved with time is its potential in the future something to fear? (2017)
How malware has developed and the potential of malicious software and cyberattacks in the future (2017)
Programming a 2D physics engine (2017)
To what extent is Moore's Law still applicable today? (2018)
Quantum computing the next revolution? (2018)
Designing and developing a video game for a teen audience (2018)
How far can A.I. be used in cars today and what are possible future uses. An animation (2014)
The use of electronic devices in education (2015)
AI and search efficiency (2019)
Evaluation the effectiveness of neural networks against decision making algorithms through the creation of a chess engine (2019)
How does the development of quantum computers affect current methods of cybersecurity? (2019)
Building a robot that can create facial expressions (2019)
Designing and implementing an autonomous vehicle using Raspberry PI (2019)
Application of Virtual Reality in the aviation industry (2019)
Developing a mobile application for Android aimed to help student organisation (2020)
Blockchain: A revolution in the making (2020)
To what extent is grey hacking ethical? (2020)
Creating a website to aid hearing impaired expat community in Singapore (2020)
To what extent does Machine Learning, AI and Big Data impact the e-commerce industry? (2020)
How far will Artificial Intelligence evolve and will it be the future or downfall of humanity? (2020)
A study of the uses of blockchain technology from 2009-2019 (2020)
Constructing and programming a DIY quadcopter drone (2020)
Building and programming a Lego robot to paint nails (2020)
Teaching a computer to read human handwritten numbers (2020)
Selcouth – A journey through computer design (2020)

Exemplar Projects

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