A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Film Studies (2017 and after)

A collection of seemingly unrelated shorts: a study of surrealist cinema (2017)
Animation: in the style of Tim Burton (2017)
How are war and the military represented in Kubrick's films? (2017)
Movie trailer based on script ''Ryan wasn't there'' (2017)
Short film: exploring dissociative identity disorder (2018)
Is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences racist in its annual awards ceremonies? (2018)
How is disability represented in the media? (2019)
To what extent has the film industry accurately portrayed WWII in movies? (2019)
What makes a good horror film? A documentary (2019)
Setting up the perfect shot – documentary (2019)
How have superhero movies become mainstream and to what extent will the popularity be short lived? (2019)
A short film exploring special effects in subgenre movies and anime (2020)
Informational movie – Marvel studios and how it uses social media as a marketing tool (2020)
Cartoon anatomy: How is human anatomy translated into cartoon characters? (2021)
Creating a pre-production environmental zone – A product (2021)
Short horror film (2021)
The art of storytelling: How to make a documentary (2021)
To what extent does Quentin Tarantino present women positively or negatively? (2021)
The film production on the mental effects of social media on teenagers through the exploration of dance (2022)
The history of visual and special effects in film (2022)
To what extent have different influences affected film scoring over time and how is it used to elicit emotion in movies? (2022)
How are women represented in Film Noir? (2022)

Exemplar Projects - Film Studies (2016 and before)

Exemplar Projects

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