A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Physical Education (2017 and after)

Are sporting champions born or made? (2017)
How important is sports psychology in winning - a documentary (2017)
To what extent has doping within athletics become more dominant in the past century? (2017)
To what extent does an athlete's body type and physiology determine success? (2018)
Does music deliver a psychological and physical improvements in sports performance? (2018)
Documentary: Pablo: the beginnings of a superstar (2018)
How does physical activity aid rehabilitation and behavioural changes within persons? (2018)
To what extent has the development of science impacted athletes? (2018)
How do Premier League clubs generate revenue and to what extent has it become the primary objective for club owners? (2019)
To what extent does the recent Premier League deal influence the direction of the Premier League? (2019)
How can prosthetic limbs enhance human life and to what extent is their use in sport ethical? (2019)
To what extent is the physiology of the perfect fly half achievable? (2020)
To what extent have elite swimmers reached their full potential in terms of breaking world records? (2021)
To what extent do different contact sports put athletes’ brains at risk? (2021)
What effect does a plant based diet have on athletic performance? (2021)
To what extent should college athletes in America be financially compensated? (2021)
What is the home advantage and to what extent did the lack of crowds during the COVID pandemic affect it in the Premier League? (2022)
To what extent are psychological interventions effective for an athlete's speed and recovery from injury? (2022)
The ethics and technology behind improved swimming performance [website] (2022)

Exemplar Projects - Physical Education (2016 and before)

Exemplar Projects

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