A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects

Exemplar Projects - Miscellaneous (2017 and after)

Organising a fashion show (2017)
Which is more important: e or pi? (2017)
Converting an electric guitar to a travel guitar (2018)

Exemplar Projects - Miscellaneous (2016 and before)

Auction for Breast Cancer Foundation (Part1, Part2) (2013)
Build a stomp box (2013)
Building a computer  (2016)
Building a desktop computer (2015)
Building a guitar (Part1, Part2) (2014)
Building a mobile solar panel that will track the sun (2013)
Building an electric guitar (2011)
Building a synthesizer (2013)
Building guitar : Fender Telecaster 52 (2013)
Cleaning up space junk (Part1, Part2, Part3) (2009)
Constructing an electric guitar (2014)
The construction of an electric guitar pickup (2011)
Construction of a tennis ball mortar (2013)
Design and build a valve guitar amplifier (2013)
Design, manufacture and testing of a remote controlled aircraft (2013)
Designing a skateboard ramp (2010)
The development and practical application of Merino wool into fashion (2010)
Ethical issues in nursing (2015)
The evolution of women's fashion and changing views of the female figure (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4) (2009)
How can Tanglin be more green? A proposal (2013)
How do 'Third Culture Children' benefit by growing up abroad? (Part1, Part2) (2016)
How far can A.I. be used in cars today and what are possible future uses. An animation (2014)
Japanese manga story Suzu No Yume (Bell dreams) (2010)
Making a four bit adder (2013)
To raise funds to eradicate curable blindness in the 'Panzari Region' of India, in partnership with Mission For Vision (Part1, Part2) (2016)
The use of electronic devices in education (2015)
What are third culture kids and how are they affected by growing up in another country? (2013)

Exemplar Projects

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