A-level AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Exemplar Projects





On the left hand side or below you will find links to exemplar A* and A grade projects.

Each project contains: Production Log, Essay OR evidence of product & 1000 word report, Presentation Slides and Record of Marking.

Projects are listed under different subject areas, although some projects may include more than one subject area. Miscellaneous are projects which do not fit under any specific subject - many of them are products that have been built.

Alternatively, you can search the projects in Infiniti Library System and click the web links provided to access them.

is required to access the projects.

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To prepare your EPQ, you can refer to the following video (same password as above) for advice from Tanglin students.

Exemplar Projects

Click on the subjects to browse the list of Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Exemplar Projects.