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Year 6 - World War ll: 1941: fall of Singapore. Japan v British Empire

Battle for Singapore: documentary

Japanese Surrendering Singapore


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15 February 1942. Real footage of the Japanese surrendering Singapore back to the British after its occupation of Singapore.

The Fall of Singapore: 15 minute documentary


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A 3-part  documentary on how Singapore came to be under the Japanese Occupation. 

This video series created by HeritageTV will help you better understand how Singapore came to be under the Japanese Occupation.

This video series created by HeritageTV will help you better understand how Singapore came to be under the Japanese Occupation.



World War II in Singapore began on 8 December 1941, when Japanese planes dropped the first bombs on the island, killing 61 and injuring 133 people. The Japanese Troops than began their invasion from the north in Malaya and eventually reached the shores of Singapore on 8 February 1942. 

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The Attack

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Japanese Occupation of Singapore (Summary)

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Sook Ching 1942: massacre of 70,000 Singaporean citizens

Witness's first-hand accounts of the Japanese Invasion of Malaysia

Japanese Occupation: Survivor


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An interview with a survivor of the Japanese Occupation in WW2.

Useful Links ( WW2 - Singapore)

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Winston Churchill described the fall of Singapore as

“the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history.”1 

On 15 February 1942, around 80,000 British, Indian and Australian soldiers surrendered to a Japanese force roughly half their size.

Interview with Billy Young, an Austrailian Soldier who witnessed the Fall of Singapore

Cartoonist Boey's story of Japanese occupation of Singapore

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National Museum of Singapore

Eat to Live documentaries: Wartime Recipes exploring the lives of Singaporeans and POWs during Japanese occupation, WW2.

 Ep 1 Food as Power and Control

 Ep 2 Living off the Land

Ep 3 Fishing for Food

Ep 4 Extreme Hunger

Ep 5 Food of the Imagination

Ep 6 Time for Celebration