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All Years - Arts Week (2020): KS3 Arts Day Activities

last updated May 2020

KS3 Arts Day Activities

All KS3 students should choose one of these tasks to complete on the 1st of June. Upload your finished work in the relative subject link.

Feel free to do two tasks.


Jump to: Art task | Dance task | Drama taskFilm task | Music task 

Drama Task

Art Task

Music Task

Create a piece of music on GarageBand using FOUND SOUNDS

*You need an iPhone or an iPad for this task*

In this project, you will:

  • record five (or more) sounds around your house
  • sample them
  • make them into a piece of music.

You should aim for a mixture of pitched and unpitched sounds.

Some ideas:







Tapping a wine glass with a fork


Finger clicks

Banging two shoes together

Your sister screaming

Closing your bedroom door








Try to be as creative as you can when looking for sounds to record.


Follow the link below to find out what to do and how to do it.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got much experience using GarageBand. The videos will show you exactly what to do.

You will end up with a unique piece of music as well as learning some new music technology skills.


When you have finished, do a screen recording of your piece, and upload it here.

Dance Task

Film Task

Using your iPad, phone or digital camera, make a brief video history of your life that includes thoughts, feelings, ideas and anything physical that proves you exist, cramming in as many made images, found images, made sounds, found sounds, ideas, thoughts, observations, reflections, videos, music and props as you can. Find anything that represents who you are, then arrange it, shape it, space it, juxtapose it, collage it, colour it, sequence it, group it, reverse it, darken it, brighten it, animate and move it, mount it, put it on your desk, on your window, on the floor, under the bed, in the bath, under water, throw it, blow it, heat it, melt it, freeze it, stack it, jigsaw it, paint it, play it, act it, make it, build it, say it, get others to say it, sing it, whisper it, shout it, happy it, sad, it, truth it, exaggerate it….. and then film it, edit it, add a voiceover (yours or someone else’s, pets allowed) and, finally, send it. Three minutes is plenty, and one minute is enough.


You will find inspiration here, A Brief History of John Baldessari:

Make your film like this, but better, or not like this, but better.


Brainstorm your memories and ransack your possessions to discover the very essence of you

  • Who do you love? What do you love? Why do you love?
  • What do you believe? What drives you nuts?
  • What book, shoe, painting, song, t-shirt, colour, flower, report card, text message, gesture, fridge magnet, wardrobe, raindrop defines you?

  • What do you wear on your feet, legs, hands, fingers, wrists, body and head, around your neck, on your nose?
  • Where were you created, born, raised, schooled, grounded, performed, partied, vacationed, abandoned, lost and found?
  • What makes you feel good, alive, content, thrive, ready to climb, fly, soar, adore, swoon, tingle, mingle?
  • What makes you feel bad, upset, to hide, fried, alone, unknown and tired, mired?
  • What makes you tap your feet? What makes your fist clench, your teeth grind, your heart flutter, your stomach turn, your head drop, your eyes ache, your brain boil, your skin crawl, your legs collapse, your nose twitch, your palms itch?
  • What do you play, eat, watch, imagine, long for, fear, aspire to, run away from, want to shout out loud?
  • Who were you, who are you, what do you hope to be?
  • What defines you, controls you, frees you?
  • What needs to change in the world?
  • What are your thoughts on Covid-19, Donald Trump, Arianne Grande, Animal Crossing, Aliens, the Multiverse, Hanoi Rocks, Old People, Greta, Gaming, Gyming, Pineapples, Greenland, Poverty, Wealth, Socialism, Capitalism, Where you go to when you sleep, dream, die? Can you prove you exist? Are you a machine, a body, a mind, a video game character, an ape, an angel, a devil, eternal, momentary, insignificant, magnificent, transforming, decaying, growing, becoming, person or people?


John Baldesseri’s appearance on The Simpsons

I will not make any boring art

- John Baldesseri


Upload your finished film here.