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All Years - Arts Week (2020): Y12 Art-iculation Prize

last updated May 2020


This year Tanglin joined forces with the Trustees of the Roche Court Educational Trust to launch ARTiculation Singapore. This has been the first time that an ARTiculation Prize event has been held in Singapore. The ARTiculation Prize a highly popular and prestigious nationwide public speaking competition in the UK and in Europe. It is a highly regarded academic enrichment opportunity endorsed by many top universities, including the University of Cambridge, UK.


Unfortunately our TTS ARTiculation Prize Final was cancelled back in March. However will be sharing one talk in InTouch over the remaining weeks of Term 3. They are also posted her for you to enjoy over ARTS WEEK. The focus of the talks is a visual artwork selected by the Year 12 students involved. They are required to present their exploration of the art work in a 7-10 minute speech. You will find their illustrated talk in the link. It must be pointed out some of these students are not Visual Arts students. The ARTiculation Prize has been a prime example of Tanglin students love of learning and curiosity. We hope you enjoy the ARTiculation speeches.

Erin Hui

Lila Bobillier

Varun Venkatesh

Imogen Bowyer

Heddwen Campbell

Gauri Kaur