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The effects of modern agricultural practices on the colony collapse disorder of honeybees: A case study in the Swiss catchment area of Lake Geneva (2015)
To what extent do international adoptions follow ethical guidelines in Cambodia? (2014)
What are the economic costs associated with obesity, and how can authorities best measure obesity in order to combat it? A case study of the United States (2015)
What are the factors that drive dengue incidence in a highly developed country such as Singapore? (2016)
What are the impacts of school-related stress on self-perception of high school aged females in China and Northern Europe and how is this connected to how they view success? (2015)
What are the responsibilities and implications for photographers of people in distress and those who view their work? (2015)
Women as combat-pilots in the Armed Forces : a case study of the Indian Air Force to analyze and evaluate the different aspects with regard to the induction of women combat-pilots from the point of view of Cultural Anthropology and Women's Rights (2014)
The effect of antioxidant vitamin supplements on slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease (2018)
Female fertility in Singapore and Indonesia (2018)
Factors contributing to the support of separatist movements (2018)
A study on the comparison of hydroponics and land cultivation in an urbanized city such as Singapore (2018)
To what extent does tourism-led development in Malacca led to a greater sustainability of the area? (2018)
To what extent have the agreements of the Refugee convention established in 1951 by the UNHCR been reflected onto Switzerland's current policies towards forced migrants? (2018)
A case study of the AmpaCity project high temperature superconductors in Essen, Germany and its implications for the German economy (2019)
Advantage of recycling water over desalination in Singapore (2019)
Human-wildlife conflict: A case study on the effectiveness of beekeeping in the Sagalla Community (South Kenya), in resolving the human-elephant conflict (2021)
The effect of CRISPR allowing for germline modification on our present conceptions of personhood and being human (2021)
To what extend do the ideas in Jeffrey Sachs' poverty trap explained the high levels of poverty and low levels of living in Dharavi, India? (2021)
Climate change and Malaria: how could global climate change alter the transmission of Malaria across India? (2021)
Singapore’s food supply and its vulnerability (2021)
Plastic ingestion in loggerhead sea turtles (2021)
The main factors behind increasing dengue incidences in Singapore (2022)
The impact of economic and cultural development on diet and dementia (2022)
The socioeconomic factors contributing to Singapore's low fertility rate (2022)

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