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How does the rise in excise tax affect the demand of Vodka in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn? (2014)
To what extent are public buses and MRTs in Singapore substitute goods? (2013)
Market Form of the retail petroleum supply industry in Parklands (2009)
To what extent do Singapore's policies on car ownership and usage address the associated external costs? (2011)
To what extent has the opening of NTUC Fairprice branch in Block 347 resulted in monopolistic competition? (2015)
To what extent has the restructuring of entrance fees in Sentosa, Singapore affected the demand for Sentosa Express Monorail? (2011)
To what extent is it possible for there to be a welfare gain in Bexley as incomes fall? (2012)
To what extent is the food court industry in the Orchard district of Singapore perfectly competitive? (2016)
To what extent the rising COE prices affect the demand for new and used cards by the consumer population and hence affect the revenue generated by Singaporean economy for the period 2012-2016? (2014)
What are the factors that affect the consumers’ demand for cabbage in two different localities in Busan, South Korea: Haeundae and Young-Do and how do they vary from each locality? (2018)
To what extent does the price discrimination affect the cost of borrowing in the online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market in Hyderabad? (2018)
How effective has state-owned Moscow Metro's pricing strategy been in reducing the negative externalities of car use in the city? (2021)
Abuse of monopoly power by Netflix in Singapore (2021)
Tariffs and telecommunications in US & China (2021)

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