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A comparison of notes played on the cello using Fourier analysis (2016)
How can mathematics be used to work out the optimal distance from the try line to position the ball for a conversion kick in rugby union? (2014)
What is the graph structure of m x n in sliding tile puzzle? (2014)
How can the time required for a comet to describe an arc of its parabolic orbit be expressed in terms of the focal radii and the chord connecting the end points of the arc? (2015)
How could terms of sequences be represented using their differences, and how is this method useful? (2012)
A sieve algorithm for finding all prime numbers of the form n2+1 (2015)
What is the shortest time to travel along all the lines of the Singapore MRT network? (2015)
RSA: encrypting, decrypting, hacking (2018)
How can matrices be used to apply isometries to quadrics in Euclidean space? (2018)
To what extent can a complex number model be used to evaluate Allen Schwenk's Theorems on the required parameters for closed knight's tours? (2018)
3D rotations using quaternions (2020)
Mathematics used in ciphers (2020)
Mathematical modelling – A study revolving around the Richardson arms race model (2020)
Mathematics in RSA encryption (2020)
An investigation into second order differential equations with real world applications (2020)
Line stitching and area: how to find an area under a polygon when two adjacent sides of a square are divided into n equal parts and the corresponding points on two sides are connected (2021)
A mathematical analysis of the damped harmonic motion exhibited by shock absorbers (2021)
Modular arithmetic and prime numbers in the RSA and Rabin cryptosystems  (2022)

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