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The corporate culture and leadership of Apple, Inc. : to what extent can Apple, Inc.'s success be attributed to its corporate culture and Steve Job's leadership style? (2012)
Given its success factors, should Nespresso implement strategic changes in order to tackle the increasing competition? (2014)
Has Apple's product-oriented approach led to a reduction of earnings per share? (2014)
How effective has the merger been between MTRC and KCRC in Human Resources Management (HRM)? (2008)
How effective has the spin-off Porkchop and Friends from Humor Post been as a growth and marketing strategy for Hi-Premium Trade Corporation? (2009)
How significant have the changes in Chinese Labor Contract Law been in limiting the financial profitability of Bosaeng co., ltd? (2014)
To what extent will Nike's low price strategy enable it to gain market share of Chinese brands? (2014)
To what extent and how will the European Music Retail Industry be able to combat the effects of online music piracy and increase its sales? (2012)
To what extent has AirAsia Indonesia’s crisis management been successful in neutralizing the impacts of their most recent aviation accident? (2016)
To what extent will the merger between Sainsbury’s and Argos be successful?  (2017)
Analysis of Waitrose's strategy of retrenchment in a competitive market (2018)
To what extent can Oracle's success be contributed to its corporate culture and organizational structure?  (2021)
Leadership style and its contribution to increase in market valuation at Tesla Motor Company (2021)
An exploration of Uber’s business model, specially their HRM and how this impacts driver motivation, with reference to their operations in the United States  (2021)
Volkswagen's NEW AUTO Strategy would change the company to go fully electric and possibly increase market share (2022)

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