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Year 5 - Pristine Planet: Home

What are biomes?

What are biomes?

Biomes are very large ecological areas on the earth’s surface, with fauna and flora (animals and plants) adapting to their environment. Biomes are often defined by factors such as temperature, climate, relief, geology, soils and vegetation. There are many types of biomes in the world, depending on how you categorize them.

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In this research guide, we will be focusing on the following biomes:

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Books In the Library

Secrets of habitats

 Find out which habitat is biggest, why rainforests are so important and which wildlife share our cities. Along the way you will learn some amazing facts about evolution, high-jumping spiders and microscopic environments. 

Ecomazes : twelve Earth adventures

Mazes through 12 ecosystems, from evergreen forests to coral reefs, from the frozen tundra to hot desert sands. Provides information about each section coverd in the mazes, at the back of the book.


This title discusses the diversity of life on our planet and uses infographics to explore how plants and animals have made their homes in every habitat that the world has to offer. 


This title takes a look at the fascinating kingdom of plant life. From shrubs and trees to the dense rainforest, explore plants through fun and informative infographics and find out how extreme plants can be. - Publisher

Our planet : the one place we all call home

This glorious visual celebration of the natural world combines extraordinary photography from the series with stunning illustrations from acclaimed artist, Richard Jones. Lose yourself in icy landscapes, dense jungles and endless oceans. Learn how our fascinating habitats, and the plants and creatures living there, interconnect to create the one place we all call home.

Planet Earth

This exciting form of data visualisation uses icons, pictograms and graphics to present information to kids in a whole new way. Marvel at the science behind geographical features, ecosystems, volcanoes, earthquakes and our changing climate - all visualised in beautifully designed infographics.

Plant habitats

Which plant has only two leaves? How does a strangler fig kill its victims? Where can you find a tree that bleeds? Why do plants live where they do? How do plants survive extremes of climate? How do plants adapt to their location? 'Plant Habitats' provides the answers you want.