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Year 5: Ancient Greece: Gods and Goddesses

British Museum - Ancient Gods and Goddesses

DK - Find out about Greek Gods and Goddesses

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Greek myths & legends

This is a new edition of this detailed introduction to the most famous gods and goddesses in Greek mythology and their exploits. Fully illustrated throughout, this title helps the reader to understand the stories of the Greek gods and the way in which they were worshipped.

Gods and goddesses from Greek myths

Recounts the creation of the Greek gods and goddesses, their adventures, romances, and feuds with each other.

Mythology : the gods, heroes and monsters of Ancient Greece

A new Ology odyssey has begun. Written by Lady Hestia Evans in 1825, 'Mythology' is the record of her travels through Greece, discovering the wonders of ancient Greek myths, the world of mighty gods and fearless heroes who battle the merciless beasts of legend.