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Year 5: Ancient Greece: Life in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks - who were they and how did they live? (NB some links do not play outside of UK).


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The Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks: History and Culture from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexanderoffers students a comprehensive introduction to the history and culture of the ancient Greek world for the period c.800-323 BC. It provides critical background to the key historical developments of the time: the Persian Wars, the rise of Athens and its empire in the 5thcentury and the subsequent Peloponnesian War, and the emergence of Macedon as a world power under Philip and Alexander.

It's all Greek to me : from Homer to the Hippocratic Oath, how ancient Greece has shaped our world

If we want to understand the modern Western world, we should look back at the Greeks. Our thinking about subjects such as ethics, beauty, truth, morality and our place in the universe have all been learned from the Greeks. This book gives a tour through the world of the ancient Greeks in order to widen understanding of them and their contributions to our lives.

Ancient Olympics

Provides an overview of how the Olympics began in ancient Greece and a look at each day's festivities

The Greeks

Organized chronologically, this text presents a complete picture of Greek civilization as a history and features sections on the art, architecture, literature, and thought of each period.

Explore Ancient Sparta life through the objects in the British Museum

Ancient Greeks - daily life

Ancient Greece - an overview of the civilisation

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