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Year 3 - Viking Guide: Home

Resources in the Junior Library

Vikings - Who are they?

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Origins of the Vikings
The Vikings were the people who lived from the 8th century to the 11th century in Scandinavian countries of northern Europe: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They were known as fierce warriors who set sail from their homes and raided many other areas across and beyond Europe.

More than Bloodthirsty Warriors
Not all Vikings were bloodthirsty warriors! Most of them were farmers, craftsmen and traders who grew crops and trade goods and materials like silk, fur, jewellery, honey and wheat.



Quiz Yourself

Norse Gods and Mythology

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The Vikings were pagans and worshipped the Norse gods such as Odin and Thor.

End of the Viking Age - What happened to the Vikings?

Statue of Ingólfur Arnarson - Founder of Reykjavík
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The End of the Viking Age
The Viking Age lasted more than 300 years and ended in A.D.1066. After the Viking age, the Vikings continued living their lives in the Scandinavian countries and in the settlements outside Scandinavia such as the British Isles, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Atlantic, North America. Some well-known settlements outside Scandinavia are parts of Ireland (Dublin), Iceland (Reykjavík), Greenland, Faroe Islands and Canada (Newfoundland).