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ICT/Computer Science LibGuide (6th Form): Websites

Websites - How to search the web

The web can provide excellent resources for your topic but if you are going to limit your research by using information from Google andWikipedia, you may not be finding all the information available about it.

TTS Senior Library provides a libguide on how to "locate websites".

Agencies, Associations and Organisations

Professional Societies and Organisations often provide valuable information on their websites: publications, news, newsletters, workshops and competition announcements.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation was founded to promote the study of computer science in schools. The foundation has developed the Raspberry Pi, a small, low cost computer that serves as a good platform for engaging in hands on learning. It is an effective way to dive into computing and programming in languages such as Python, as it can do everything a typical desktop computer can do - data processing, playing games, or even browsing the Internet. Their website has a large collection of resources for learning more about this system, as well as some ideas on how to start out working with it.