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ICT/Computer Science LibGuide (6th Form): Articles and Journals

Database Hints and Tips

  • Facets
    Take advantage of all the facets (ways to narrow/limit your results) that are provided in most databases to get the article you are looking for.
  • Full-Text only
    Choose full-text option to narrow your search results with articles that are displayed in full-text.
  • Try at least 3 different databases
    It's important to try more than one database when you're researching.

Off Campus Access for Article Databases

Get passwords for using databases off-campus. Use your TTS email account in this service:

 Get-a-password service

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches the web for scholarly literature. Some of the results will lead to freely accessible full-text articles.

WIRED Magazine

Reading magazine articles can be a great way to find up-to-date information on a topic.

You are very welcome to browse the collection of WIRED and WIRED UK magazines in the Senior Library. 

You will find all the magazines under the stairs in the Interactive Zone.

Current copies are on display and back copies can be found in a cupboard directly behind the current issue or can be accessed through our Online Archive.

EBSCO Article Database

Search thousands of full-text journal articles. Use the search box below to search our EbscoHost database, if you are not in school you will need to enter a password which you can receive instantly by emailing our 'Get-a-password' service or ask a librarian.

Research databases

Need help?
Read: How to... 'search a database' page or speak to one of the librarians.

Open Source Journals

Open Access Journal are journals that use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access.The journals must exercise peer-review or editorial quality control to be included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


The Day - Technology News Articles

Every students and teachers can now auto-access the  daily stories and search extensive archive of articles by visiting within our school.

To access this at home or anywhere else, use our  log-in details. 

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