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About Pulau Ubin

Map of Pulau Ubin
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Pulau Ubin is a boomerang-shaped island located North-East of Singapore with no more than 100 people living there. The term 'Pulau Ubin' means Granite Island in Malay. Pulau means 'Island' and Ubin is a Javanese term for 'Squared Stone'. To the Malays, Pulau Ubin is also known as Pulau Batu Ubin (Granite Stone Island).

Pulau Ubin is said to have an abundance of Flora and Fauna. The words 'Flora' and 'Fauna' are used to describe the plant and animal life in a region or area.Pulau Ubin is home to many mangroves, forests and beaches where you can find many unique plants and animals. The highest point in Pulau Ubin is Bukit Puaka (Puaka Hill). It is 75 metres high! You can see parts of Singapore and Malaysia from here!

Life on Pulau Ubin

Despite a lack of general supply of electricity, running water and modern sewage systems, the residents in Pulau Ubin enjoy living a simple kampong or village life. While the residents there continue to receive most of their provisions from mainland Singapore, they also grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and other cooking ingredients in their gardens. Sometimes, they catch fish or other seafood like crabs too.