Year 3 - School of Rock


Rocks & Fossils

Summary: Explores the make-up of the planet, Earth's outer layer, from its formation to the ongoing creation of rock in its landscape. This book helps readers learn how to unravel the histories of rocks and identify the minerals that make them

Rocks and Minerals

Kids will gravitate to Steve Tomecek's humorously illustrated guide, which surveys the earth's astounding variety of rocks and minerals and the fascinating ways people have transformed them into usable materials. From talcum powder to silver jewelry, it all comes from inside this great big rock we live on. 


Discusses features of rock including how it is manufactured and made into useful products that are used everyday.

National Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Minerals

Targeted to rock-crazy kids, this bold book is more energetic, more visually exciting, and more fun than anything else on the market--and with more information, too! Youngsters become geology experts as they browse eye-popping photos and absorb layers of information made extra fun through a humor-infused presentation. 

Rocks, minerals and gems

In Rocks, Minerals, and Gems, readers will learn about hundreds of rocks, minerals, crystals, and gems that were forged by the most powerful events in prehistory. 

What are igneous rocks?

 Igneous rock has a dramatic beginning - it requires red-hot volcanic activity. This book explains how granite, lava, basalt, silica, quartz and feldspar are formed after hot, molten rock cools.

Reading about rocks

Have you ever really thought about rocks? Rocks are everywhere. They are under our feet, in our walls and even in outer space. Rocks are really amazing! - Publisher

Rocks & gems

From the centre of the earth to the tops of the mountains, from solid slabs to sparkling sapphires, rocks, well, rock! Explore how rocks are formed, what we use them for and how beautiful they can be in the bright and fascinating infographic title. - Publisher

The rock factory : the story of rocks and stones

This series uses cartoon-style illustrations and humorous narrative text to make key topics in Science and Geography accessible and engaging. This is the story of how a special sort of stone formed deep inside the Earth, and came to the surface thousands of millions of years later. The Rock Factory looks at how minerals turn into rock crystals, how the Earth is structured and how volcanoes happen. This book also contains an experiment, useful websites and an index. - Publisher

Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals

Are you fascinated by fossils? Do you think rocks rock? Then you're a rock hound! Grab your tools and get collecting! Find out all about the coolest, rarest, and strangest rocks around. This book tells you where to look and how to look after them and is packed with stunning photos and cool facts. - Publisher