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How well do you know your facts about light? Test your knowledge with these quizzes!

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What is Light?

Light is a type of energy. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength which can be detected by the human eye. It is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and radiation given off by stars like the sun. Animals can also see light. Light exists in tiny packets called photons which shows properties of both waves and particles.

Here are some properties of light:

  • Light moves at the fastest known speed in the universe. Nothing moves faster than (or even close to) the speed of light.
  • Light travels in a straight line called a ray.
  • Refraction - The bending of light rays when passing through a surface between one transparent material and another.
  • Reflection - Light can be reflected when it strikes a shiny smooth surface like a mirror. 
  • White light is a mixture of colours. They can be seen when light passes through a prism and each color of light is refracted to a different angle.

Books In the Library


This series introduces key science concepts in an accessible way. Each book features a mixture of practical projects and craft activities.

Bright ideas : the science of light

Filled with fun experiments investigating the science of light, readers will be able to make everything from a kaleidoscope to a pinhole camera. Inventive activities make science a fun topic to tackle as an individual or in a group setting. Step-by-step instructions engage even the most reluctant of readers.

Why do shadows lengthen? : all about light

The presence and absence of light is an ever-fascinating thing. Its fun to watch shadows as they change in shape, lengthening, and eventually disappearing into surrounding darkness. Readers will enjoy learning about light, white light, and polar nights. Activities are included to create a lasting enthusiasm about the mysteries of light.

Make it glow!

Make light bend, create a rainbow with a torch and power a lightbulb with a comb! This book will guide you step-by-step through great crafty experiments, as well as explaining the science behind light.

Inventors and discoveries

Learn About Major Discoveries In Science And Technology, Some Of Their Social And Economic Effects, And The Major Scientists And Inventors Responsible For Them.

Three cheers for inventors!

A tribute to 101 groundbreaking discoveries from some of the world's greatest - and not so great - inventors. Packed with cartoon-strip illustrations and short biographies, it looks at the discoveries of many famous - and not so famous - inventors from around the world, including Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio Meucci, Thomas Edison, James Watt and many of their predecessors.

125 cool inventions

The future is now! Super smart toilets, sweet dream machines, bread buttering toasters, and flying hotels - this fun and informative book gives curious kids the inside scoop on 125 amazing real inventions.

How to invent

How To Invent breaks the process down into eight easy-to-follow stages and offers tips and examples for every stage. With a particular focus on inventing toys and puzzles, discover how and why the Rubik's cube was invented and the problems Erno Rubik encountered along the way. There are also case studies of inspirational young inventors, including gymnast George Niseen who invented the trampoline at the age of 16!

Inventions & Inventors

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An inventor is a person who makes new inventions, devices that perform some kind of function. The devices are mostly electrical or mechanical. Someone that invents new ideas or methods on how to do things may also be called an inventor. Many inventors make small changes to old inventions. For example, people have invented new ways to make clocks over history. Early clocks were sundials, later clocks used water, and pendulums. Modern clocks are often electronic. Here are some famous inventors that you can read about in the links below:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Alexander Graham Bell