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Incredible India: Snow Leopard

About the Snow Leopard

Snow leopards live in high mountain regions of central Asia, which are often hot in summer but intensely cold and snow-covered in winter.  The snow leopard can be recognised by its long tail and almost-white coat which is spotted with large black rosettes.  There are up to 6000 snow leopards in the wild across 12 countries, but its numbers are graduallly declining.  The snow leopard is becoming endangered due to a number of factors including hunting and habitat loss.

(Information from A visual introduction to wild cats and the WWF website)

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Websites - Snow Leopard Conservation Organisations

A number of organisations are working to ensure the snow leopards are able to live and thrive in their natural habitat.  

Click on the links below to find information about snow leopards and the work these organisations are doing to protect them...