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Year 4 - Pablo Picasso: Guide

Year 4 Art

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Fun game - Picasso's Faces

Tate Gallery Description

Picasso was already the most famous artist in the world when the Spanish Civil War broke out (1936-1939). He managed to hide his art from the invading army and painted many paintings in protest. He hated the fighting in Spain. This was the last painting he made during the war -  Weeping Woman. Click here for more information from the Tate Gallery.

Picasso's Life and Art

Biography of Picasso

Books in Junior Library

Who Was Picasso?

An introduction to the life and accomplishments of the twentieth-century Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, and describes his youth, artistic phases and periods, and more.

Pablo Picasso

Simon Packard didn't always want to do his artist report on Pablo Picasso, but after his twin brother Stephen does a report on Monet-Simon's favorite artist-Simon chooses Picasso by default! Throughout, there are reproductions of Pablo Picasso's masterpieces as well as Simon's own drawings, and wonderful nuggets of info that will appeal to kids.

Pablo Picasso

Discusses the life, art, and legacy of the artist Pablo Picasso. Includes a timeline linking the events in his life with world events.

Kid Artists

This chronicles the childhoods of 16 celebrated artists-everyone from Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh to Mary Cassat, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and even Dr. Seuss! Every scribble, sketch, and sticky situation comes to life in these kid-friendly and relatable stories, all with Doogie Horner's trademark whimsical illustrations. Kid Artists is a delight for budding artists and eager readers alike."

13 Modern Artists Children Should Know

From Cubism to cartoons, this book of eye-popping art and engaging activities introduces young readers to modern art.Picasso, Chagall, Calder, Lichtenstein, Hockney--these artists and the others profiled here offer a world of interest to children.

Guernica - his most famous painting

​During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) between 500,000 to 1,000 000 people died. Many beautiful old buildings were bombed and destroyed. This angered Picasso, he painted Guernica (named after a town in Spain) to show how much loss and suffering his people were facing. He displayed it in the 1937 Paris World's Fair. It was enormous (3.5 x 8 metres)! Click here to find out more about Picasso's Guernica.