Year 3 - Magnetism



Science never sleeps it's always in action
Ever wondered how musical instruments make sound or how electricity is made Discover the answer to these questions and many others in this exciting new series.


Summary: Readers learn about the core components of physical science and how they relate to everyday life. Features colourful photographs and diagrams, sidebars, and biographies.

Magnet magic

Summary: Simple introduction to magents - how they work and how we use them every day in different ways.

Essential physical science : Magnetism

Contents: What is magnetism? -- How do magnets work? -- What are magnetic materials? -- What are magnetic fields? -- How do electromagnets work? -- What do we use electromagnets for? -- What has magnetism done for us?

Experiments with magnets and metals

Guides readers in using the scientific method to understand more about the properties of magnets and metals.

Magnets and springs

Learn about magnetism, magnetic fields, natural magnets and how a spring works. 

Magnetic race car

Learn how to make your own magnetic racing car and a fantastic racetrack.

Electricity and magnetism

This title explains what electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism are and how they work. The complexities of electrical circuits, batteries and generators are all discussed in clear language and using familiar examples.

Your guide to electricity and magnetism

From static electricity to babysitting robots, discover everything you never knew about electricity and magnetism. You'll be "attracted" to the awesome science facts, and "shocked" at how easy the experiments are to do. Find out...Why some animals have electricity inside them; What happens when you switch on a light or turn on the TV; How to make your very own magnet! Discover the answers to these and much much more in this incredible introduction to electricity and magnetism.

The mystery of magnets

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, but how do they work? Explore the mystery of magnets through hands-on experiments

Electricity and magnets

Packed with 10 super experiments, Electricity and Magnets explains lots of cool scientific ideas in a simple way! Step-by-step photographs and instructions show you exactly what to do. Test your knowledge with fun quizzes. Practise recording your results like a real scientist. - Publisher

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