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The Shang Dynasty

More than 3,500 years ago, the Shang established a kingdom in the valley of the Yellow River in China. They were skilled builders and artists. Many of the objects they made survive today, including bronze vessels, oracle bones and a jade dragon buried with a warrior queen. Read this book to find out how the Shang lived, and what they thought about their world. There's also a retelling of a myth that reveals some of the beliefs that were important to the Shang people. 

Shang dynasty China

Shang Dynasty China looks at one of the most fascinating and advanced ancient civilisations. Through structures as imposing as the tomb of a warrior queen or objects as beautiful and complex as a decorated bronze vessel, readers gain a picture of who was in ancient China and how the civilisation in which they lived worked.

The Shang Dynasty

If the ancient Romans were so mighty why did their empire fall? If the ancient Egyptians were so powerful why aren't they still around? And whatever happened to all those clever ancient Greeks? Get ready to learn about the side of history that isn't always talked about - the fall of the greatest empires and civilisations of the world. Find out what happened in history's darkest hours. 

Why did the Shang write on turtles? : and other questions about the Shang dynasty

Take a look at the wackier side of history! Who were the Shang people? Why did they love mud and moths? What made the Shang such fearsome warriors? And were there really dragons in China?

Ancient China : beyond the Great Wall

Describes ancient China, including its earliest inhabitants, government structure, major dynasties, and achievements, as well as its lasting influences on the world

The Chinese empire

The Shang disappeared from history for millennia before chance discoveries in the early 20th century revealed a glimpse of China's first great dynasty. More than 3,500 years ago, the Shang created a state on the Yellow River from where they came to dominate an extensive empire. As this book reveals, over the last 100 years, historians have built a detailed picture of a highly sophisticated civilisation, which laid the foundations for much of modern Chinese life.