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World’s first current affairs teaching and learning site. Daily news for schools, colleges and inquiring minds. 

What is 'The Day'?

How does 'The Day' help?

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Today's news stories Today's news stories 


Every students and teachers can now auto-access the  daily stories and search extensive archive of articles by visiting within our school.

To access this at home or anywhere else, use our  log-in details. 

What is 'The Day'?

        is a daily news-based curriculum resource that helps students link their school education to the wider world and motivate and engage them in the classroom, bringing learning to life and designed to explain, teach and inform.

      Each school day three new stories are written that aim to explain current affairs and to highlight the main issues behind a story and every Friday there's a weekly news quiz.


      The stories are:

  • Fresh, current and headline news
  • Placed in context
  • Provided with discussion points and class activities
  • Supported with further reading, links and videos


     Most schools use The Day as a topical and engaging discussion starter for form time and a time-saving resource in lessons accross the curriculum.

How does 'The Day' help?

 helps students think for themselves by...

  • Transforming form time, assemblies, citizenship teaching and cover lessons – saving hundreds of hours for teachers.
  • Enriching curriculum teaching across the school, particularly in GCSE, AS and A-level Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Science.
  • Inspiring students and teachers with topical case-studies and real world examples - using the news to bring subjects to life.
  • Improving literacy and verbal communication - helping reluctant readers engage and under-confident youngsters find their voice.
  • Engaging students across a wide range of ages and abilities with debating questions and activities linked to each story.
  • Developing the social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness of students by highlighting the big ethical issues behind the news.
  • Motivating more students to take an interest in the wider world, get involved and equip themselves better for interviews.

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