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How does 'The Day' help?

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What is 'The Day'?

        is a daily news-based curriculum resource that helps students link their school education to the wider world and motivate and engage them in the classroom, bringing learning to life and designed to explain, teach and inform.

      Each school day three new stories are written that aim to explain current affairs and to highlight the main issues behind a story and every Friday there's a weekly news quiz.


      The stories are:

  • Fresh, current and headline news
  • Placed in context
  • Provided with discussion points and class activities
  • Supported with further reading, links and videos


     Most schools use The Day as a topical and engaging discussion starter for form time and a time-saving resource in lessons accross the curriculum.

How does 'The Day' help?

 helps students think for themselves by...

  • Transforming form time, assemblies, citizenship teaching and cover lessons – saving hundreds of hours for teachers.
  • Enriching curriculum teaching across the school, particularly in GCSE, AS and A-level Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Science.
  • Inspiring students and teachers with topical case-studies and real world examples - using the news to bring subjects to life.
  • Improving literacy and verbal communication - helping reluctant readers engage and under-confident youngsters find their voice.
  • Engaging students across a wide range of ages and abilities with debating questions and activities linked to each story.
  • Developing the social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness of students by highlighting the big ethical issues behind the news.
  • Motivating more students to take an interest in the wider world, get involved and equip themselves better for interviews.

Features and The Week's Agenda

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FEATURES : Briefings

The BBC License Fee

Watching television without a TV licence could get you a criminal record. That won’t happen if you don’t pay your council tax or utility bills. Why is the BBC’s money so fiercely defended?



'Why I believe Tony Benn mattered'

He knew that politics was about ideas that can change the world and he could communicate them brilliantly. Too few modern politicians have his courage, conviction or vision.


News in Pictures

Winning Wonders

Nearly 140,000 photographs from over 166 countries were submitted, and this week the winners of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards were announced. They provide a stunning set of images, by individuals who are passionate about the art of photography. Read more...

Short Epics

Short Epics

Short Epics are news stories culled from the forgotten corners of newspapers published in cities and towns that in turn are often forgotten by humanity hurrying on its way. In the cartoons the stories are told in 140 characters or less — the length of a tweet.

The Big Issues

The Big Issues

A deeper look at the major events and forces changing our world. These story collections are fantastic for studying important themes, current trends, and key dates in history.


THE WEEK'S AGENDA : Current Theme

World Water Day

Saturday 22nd March in the UN's World Water day, which celebrates the water take for granted and encourages people to get informed about global water issues.


Choose the News

News for the Week

Ever wanted to decide tomorrow’s headlines? Here is your chance to become an interactive editor for The Day. Simply drag and drop the stories below into your chosen order. We promise to publish the most popular each week.

Photo of the Week

Welcome to our collection of thought-provoking photographs from around the world selected by our editors. Each one is accompanied by questions, activities and a link to one of our articles, providing a great resource for Form Time and a topical starter for lessons across the curriculum.

Video of the Week

Welcome to our collection of the very best short videos from around the web selected by our editors. Each one is accompanied by questions, activities and a link to one of our articles, making them ideal for use in Form Time and a dynamic starter for lessons across the curriculum.

Weekly Quiz

Quiz: a week in 12 questions + Caption competition

This house in China needs a caption. Please enter yours!

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