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IB Geography: Changing space - the shrinking world: Home

A guide to resources on the shrinking world for your IB geography course, compiled by your librarians.



Introduction to your libguide

This libguide covers a number of topics for your

IB Geography ‘Changing space – shrinking world’ module. 

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Reduced friction of distance

An introduction to the topic of the shrinking world and how a reduction in the friction of distance results in time/space convergence.



Speed and capacity

This section looks at the effects that advances in air and ocean transport have had on the 'shrinking world'.  


Google Doodle

Internet growth

Here you can find information on the growth of the Internet around the world and how it has caused a digital divide.  This section also looks at the impact cables have had on internet growth.  Sources of information to enable a comparison of the different experiences of China and the UK in terms of Internet growth, are also provided.


This section looks at the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in civil society


Compare ICT in 2 countries

Sources of information that enable you to compare the growth of mobile phone use in USA and Uganda, and the Internet in India and Iceland.



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General resources for your 'Changing space - the shrinking world' topic

Useful general resources for this subject:

IB Geography wiki   

Find the IB syllabus requirements, as well as links to other useful information in this geography wiki.  It is designed specifically for the IB course and new links are added regularly, so this is very useful for finding current resources relating to your IB Geography topics.  

Greenfields Geography website   

Greenfields Geography is another useful website - explore the 'Changing space - shrinking world' section to find lots of relevant resources.

Globalisation - an overview

An ''  page which introduces globalisation and its positive and negative aspects.

IB Geography textbook

Here is your IB Geography 'Global Interactions' textbook (accessed from Google Books). 

Although you cannot see the whole of the book here, most of your 'Changing space - the shrinking world' section is available.  

Scroll through to page 27 (or type 27 in the search box) to find the relevant chapter.

Reference: Guinness, P., 2011. Geography for the IB diploma. Cambridge: Cambridge University.  Retrieved from

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