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KS3 English - The science behind science fiction: Welcome

Resources on the science behind science fiction to support your Year 8 Library lesson, compiled by your librarians.



Watch this short introductory video...

What do you think?

Some people say,              

'Science will one day explain everything in the universe.' 


What do you think?
Yes: 20 votes (47.62%)
No: 22 votes (52.38%)
Total Votes: 42

Your tasks

You will be using this libguide from lesson 3 of your Science Fiction topic.  

These are the tasks you will need to complete:

1.   Watch the introductory video on the welcome page.

2.   Explore the science fiction behind at least four science fiction subgenres during your lesson and as part of your reading over the next two weeks.

The libguide highlights non-fiction books in the Senior Library on these subjects.

Feel free to borrow these!

When Science Fiction becomes Science Fact...

This libguide contains lots of information resources on the science behind science fiction.

Here, for example, is a woman who can control her robotic arm through the power of her mind - just the kind of thing we're used to seeing in science fiction!

Find out about more science fiction ideas that now exist in real life...