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A-level & IB English - Pablo Neruda: Resources and further reading

Last updated January 2019

Resources available in the library

Interview with Pablo Neruda


Why did you change your name, and why did you choose “Pablo Neruda”?


I don’t remember. I was only thirteen or fourteen years old. I remember that it bothered my father very much that I wanted to write. With the best of intentions, he thought that writing would bring destruction to the family and myself and, especially, that it would lead me to a life of complete uselessness.

Websites for Further Reading

Forms of Literature: Poetry

File Under Miscellaneous

A short film set in a dystopian future where Natives undergo gruesome surgery to fit into the dominant white culture. Inspired by Pablo Neruda's poem "Walking Around."

*Warning: contains graphic content

Movie trailer - Il Postino - The Postman