KS3 Revision Guide - Year 7, Year 8

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What do I need to do? 

                         How can I do well and get better grades?                                                                            


This Libguide gives you some tips, ideas and suggestions on managing your exams, revisions 

Some thoughts on exams and revision!

"It’s important to remember that an examination is a test of learning, not memory. Examiners want to see evidence that you have drawn on your knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate course notes and textbook facts. Revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam" (from the Cambridge students webpages)

Here are some excellent revision ideas from your peers and seniors...


" A revision time-table is always good" - 


"Go to the revision classes"  - 


"Split subjects up, so you don't get bored" -  


"After remaking all your notes, do LOTS of past papers and make model answers for you to learn" 


"Use revision flip cards for all your hardest questions"