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IB Geography - Environmental Change: Welcome

A guide to information resources on Environmental Change for your year 13 Higher IB Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.


Welcome to your 'Environmental Change' Libguide.


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Homogenization of Landscapes

Polluting Industries - e waste


Environmental Consequences of Oil - Deepwater Horizon

Major Pollution Event - Transboundary Chernobyl

Food Miles


The Destruction of the Gulf

Environmental Change

Agricultural and industrial production is affecting a greater range of locations.


The disposal of waste materials of industrial production is an increasing concern.


Food is being transported from the other side of the world to satisfy our demand for exotic and out-of-season produce.


Globalisation of industrial production leads to goods being flown from an increasingly wider range of destinations.


The environmental awareness movement continues to grow.


'Eco-friendly', 'green' and 'sustainable' are terms that are not just talked about in classrooms, however despite greater public awareness pollution and degradation at a local, national and regional level still occur.

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Polluting industries

Guiyu e-waste

Environmental consequences of oil

Dirty South

Food miles

Madelines with fruit

Homogenization of landscapes

Starbucks @ Seattle



Major pollution event

Chernobyl/Pripyat Exclusion Zone (019.8062)