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KS3 English - Fairy tales: What's their story?: Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales


A fairy tale is a kind of folktale or fable which, although the name would suggest otherwise, does not have to include fairies! You will sometimes find fairies but you may also meet witches, queens, goblins, elves, dwarves, giants, princes, dragons, talking animals, ogres and princesses.


The fairy tale characters will encounter marvellous and magical objects and events - a talking mirror, a frog that turns into a prince, a pumpkin that turns into a carriage, a lamp that is home to a genie or a giant that lives up a beanstalk.

Fairy tales can be found in almost any culture around the world. Amazingly, for example, Cinderella stories can be found in countries as distant as Egypt and Iceland as well as in China, England, Korea, Siberia, France and Vietnam to name but a few. 


Explore the information below to find out more about what a fairy tale is and click the links on the right for more fairy tale information.


(Information from: Scholastic)

What is a Fairy Tale?

(Slide from: Burton, A., 2011. What is a fairy tale? Fairy tales. Tanglin Trust School)
This is a slide you may have seen in your lesson. Find more information about what a fairy tale is by clicking on the link below.

Recent Fairy Tales on Screen

Conventions of Fairy Tales

History of Fairy Tales