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A-level Geography - Ecosystems: Change and Challenge: Revision guide

Earth biomes - interactivities

A biome is way to describe a large group of similar ecosystems. Biomes have similar weather, rainfall, animals, and plants. The world is divided up into ten major biomes. Try the following interactivities to understand different types of biomes on earth, with a focus on Tropical Rainforest and Temperature Deciduous Forest.

Click a circle to start. Click the link at the bottom to start the full scale version in a new window.

Biome review game


Click the link at the bottom to start the full scale version in a new window.

Nature mission

Pipe Dreams - how to use the land?

Biome graph match


  1. Review the biomes.
  2. Now examine the set of temperature and precipitation graphs given below for each city. Be careful reading the scales on the graphs.
  3. Using the pull-down menus, select the correct biome whose characteristics would match the data represented in the graphs.
  4. Check to see if you are correct by clicking on the "check 'em" button at the bottom of this page. If you do not have all of them correct, try again.
?temp graph Aprecip graph A
Frogmore, England

?temp graph Bprecip graph B
Goteborg, Sweden

?temp graph Cprecip graph C
Koombooloomba, Australia

?temp graph Dprecip graph D
Barrow, Alaska

?temp graph Eprecip graph E
Alice Springs, Australia

?temp graph Fprecip graph F
San Bernadino, California

?temp graph Gprecip graph G
Centralia, Kansas


The living field