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IGCSE Geography - Revision guide: Population

In this topic we look at

Population growth 

Patterns of population growth

Migration - International and internal

Population Policy study

Prof Hans Rosling explains world population

Take 10 minutes to view this very interesting explanation of the world population growth!! 

BBC Education overview

Click image to read from BBC education on Population distribution, migration etc.

Population - Books in Senior library

World Ethnic Map

Population Glossary


Key Words


Annual Population Growth Rate

The rate at which a population is increasing owing to natural increase and migration - birth rate minus death rate plus or minus migration


A questionnaire every ten years to find out the population characteristics of a country

Crude Birth Rate

The number of births per 1000 population in one year

Crude Death Rate

The number of deaths per 1000 population in one year

Demographic Transition Model

A model showing the the stages of growth of a country's population


The number of people per square kilometre


The spread of people over an area

Infant Mortality Rates

The number of deaths per 1000 children under one year old in a country per year

Life Expectancy

The average number of years a person is expected to live


The movement of people - usually from one area to another permanently

Natural Increase

The increase in a population found by the birth rate minus the death rate and normally expressed as a percentage

Population Policies

Plans and laws passed by a government to help either to increase or decrease a country's population

Population Pyramid

A graph to show the population structure or age -sex composition of a population

Population Structure

The age and sex composition of of a country, region or city

Pull Factors

Factors which pull a person to a place

Push Factors

Factors which force a person away from a place


A person forced to move from one country to another, often as a result of war or famine

Population quiz

Sample Questions :

How many African countries have a total population greater than UK? 

China has a declining population - True or False? 

The lowest death rates are in the Middle East - True or False? 

Think you know the answers? You can find out here....