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KS3 Geography - Geography of Chocolate: Task & Organisation


Since the paragraph your teacher has provided you contains information which can be used to complete your assignment, it would be quicker to organise the key points which you already have and add in the other required pieces of information as you go over the website and look out for other key events in the entire history of chocolate to add to your timeline. You could do this in point form or with a mind map as below. According to, among the endless uses of mindmapping are researching and consolidating information, as well as planning and problem solving.

Mindmap above created with Inspiration Version 8


Another way to keep track of all the information you come across is to keep them organised using note-taking techniques.


Use Sweetsearch as a web search tool...


A 60 second podcast about chocolate from Scientific American.

Locating Information

These TTS Libguides show you how to locate information from various sources.

Timeline Task

Your task is to create a timeline which highlights 10 key events in the history of chocolate, using the two sources of information below.

Searching for books

Try searching for books by using the key words you have identified earlier.

Google Book Search