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KS3 English - The science behind science fiction: Aliens

Resources on the science behind science fiction to support your Year 8 Library lesson, compiled by your librarians.


Aliens often features in Science Fiction but on this page you can find out about the science behind:



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Would you like to live along side with an alien race?

(Source: Chrisharvey | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

An alien is a being from the outer space.  A creature that is known to be mysterious and could be a threat to man.

Would you like to live along side with an alien race?
Yes, I would like to.: 4 votes (25%)
No, I don't think so.: 9 votes (56.25%)
I'm really not sure. Let me think about it!: 3 votes (18.75%)
Total Votes: 16

Check this out!

The latest 'Aliens' news from Popsci

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Here are some videos on alien sightings and its findings.
Aliens: Is it a fact or a fiction?
Do you really believe that we are not alone in this Universe?
How would you respond if you meet with one of them?


Don't forget to check out these periodicles...

Reading magazine articles can be a great way to find up-to-date information on a topic.

You will find all the magazines under the stairs in the Interactive Zone. Current copies are on display and back copies can be found in a cupboard directly behind the current issue.

 Read about these interesting articles:

Discovery Channel Magazine - Issue 1310:
1) Opening Area 51 (pg. 11)
2) Travels of the Extremely Odd (pg. 95)
BBC Knowledge 
1) How can you become a Martian (pg. 18)  - Vol. 5 Issue 4
2) An Alien Emerges (pg. 14) - Vol. 5 Issue 6

Choose your favourite alien race

Watch the video above and select your favourite alien race.

Choose your favourite alien race
Prawns "District 9": 0 votes (0%)
Newcomer "Alien Nation": 0 votes (0%)
The Arachnids "Starship Troopers": 0 votes (0%)
The Na'Vi "Avatar": 3 votes (27.27%)
Ewoks "Star Wars": 4 votes (36.36%)
Borg "Star Trek": 0 votes (0%)
Klingons "Star Trek": 0 votes (0%)
Predators "Predators": 1 votes (9.09%)
E.T.s "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrials": 2 votes (18.18%)
Xenomorhs "Aliens": 1 votes (9.09%)
Total Votes: 11

Useful websites

This is an example of an interesting video from the Discovery Channel.

Find more videos like this through the Discovery Channel link below.

Explore the other links in this list to find websites with useful information on Aliens...

Find out more...

Would you like to find out more about the aliens?

Here are a few keywords to get you started with your search, can you think of any others?

Try adding one or two keyword in this 'Sweetsearch 4 me' searchbox.

'Sweetsearch 4 me' is a search engine that only finds resources suitable for school students:


"It is also known as extraterrestrial life which does not originate from Earth; a creature from outer space." (Source:

Books in the Senior Library

Other resources

Here is the list of other resources you might want to find about Aliens in the Library.