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KS3 English - The science behind science fiction: Time travel

Resources on the science behind science fiction to support your Year 8 Library lesson, compiled by your librarians.

Time travel

Time travel often features in Science Fiction but on this page you can find out about the science behind:

Time travel


What do you think about time travel?

Tardis in the Dark/in black

Many science fiction characters, like Dr Who, have travelled through time.

Watch the videos about 'time travel' in the centre column.

What do you think?

Will humans be able to time travel in the future?

What do you think about time travel?
Yes, I think human time travel will be possible one day: 14 votes (56%)
No, I don't think human time travel will ever be possible: 6 votes (24%)
I'm really not sure if human time travel will ever happen: 5 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 25

Would you like to be teleported?


Watch the teleportation video in the top box of centre column.

What do you think?

If someone gave you the opportunity to volunteer to be teleported, would you do it?

Would you like to be teleported?
Yes, I'd volunteer to be teleported: 8 votes (66.67%)
No way! I definitely wouldn't volunteer: 1 votes (8.33%)
I'm not sure if I would volunteer or not: 3 votes (25%)
Total Votes: 12

The latest 'Time Travel' news from Popsci

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The science behind time travel and teleportation

Here are three short videos looking at the science behind time travel and teleportation.

As you watch, try and make up your own mind about the information...  

Do you think human teleportation or human time travel will ever really happen or do you think they will always be science fiction?

Look at the questions in the boxes in the left hand column and share your opinions.

Useful websites

This is an example of an interesting video from the Discovery Channel.

Find more videos like this through the Discovery Channel link below.

Explore the other links in this list to find websites with useful information on Time Travel...

The Day - Time Travel News

This article from The Day discusses time travel research at CERN in Switzerland.

(You'll be able to access this article when you are inside school)

At the bottom of the article you will find some interesting links to explore and ideas to think about.

Time travel documentary

  A documentary, from The History Channel, that discusses how time travel may one day become a reality.

Find out more...

Would you like to find out more about time travel?

Here are a few keywords to get you started with your search, can you think of any others?

Try adding one or two keyword in this 'Sweetsearch 4 me' searchbox.

'Sweetsearch 4 me' is a search engine that only finds resources suitable for school students:

Find a magazine article

Reading magazine articles can be a great way to find up-to-date information on a topic.

You will find all the magazines under the stairs in the Interactive Zone. Current copies are on display and back copies can be found in a cupboard directly behind the current issue.

This magazine, for example, includes an article on 'The Incredible truth about time'.  

Find the article in the BBC Knowledge magazine, Volume 5, Issue 10 on pages 26-33.

Books in the Senior Library

Find out more about time travel in these books from the Senior Library collection: