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KS3 English - The science behind science fiction: Dystopia

Resources on the science behind science fiction to support your Year 8 Library lesson, compiled by your librarians.


Dystopia often features in Science Fiction but on this page you can find out about the science behind:

Future cities and architecture

Future energy

City dynamics and surveillance

What do you think about surveillance?

Big Brother

Watch the 'Surveillance in UK' and 'Digital Dystopia' videos.

What do you think?

Is public surveillance a good thing?

What do you think about surveillance?
Yes, I think surveillance is good because it helps to keep us safe: 7 votes (30.43%)
No, I don't think surveillance is good because it is an invasion of our privacy: 3 votes (13.04%)
I've got mixed feelings about surveillance: 13 votes (56.52%)
Total Votes: 23

Would you like to be teleported?

Click on the image above to watch a video about a design for a city of the future

What do you think?

Would you like to live in a city like this?

Would you like to be teleported?
Yes, I would like to live in a city like that: 12 votes (80%)
No, I would prefer to live in a 'normal' city: 3 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 15

Latest 'Surveillance' news from Popsci

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Latest 'Future Cities' news for Popsci

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The science behind dystopia

Here are three short videos relating to dystopia.

The first two discuss recent increases in surveillance and the final video looks at a suggestion for a city of the future.

Look at the questions in the boxes in the left hand column and share your opinions.

A news report looking at the large amount of surveillance in the UK and the proposals for further increases.
A news report on the use of surveillance in the digital world.

This video, from CNN's 'A day in the life of the future city' webpage, explains how design can improve the world's problems.

Useful websites

This video discusses the way in which the massive amounts of rubbish collected in one city are being used to create electricity.

Find a magazine article

Reading magazine articles can be a great way to find up-to-date information on a topic.

You will find all the magazines under the stairs in the Interactive Zone. Current copies are on display and back copies can be found in a cupboard directly behind the current issue.

*Read an article on new technology that has the power to put our actions and even our personalities in someone else's hands - from Volume 5, Issue 6 2881 of BBC Knowledge magazine.

  page 55-59

*Read an article on memory, is it possible to alter or replace our memories? - from Volume 4, Issue 10 of BBC Knowledge magazine.

  page 20-25

*Read an article about our surveillance culture - from April 2013 issue 2934 of Discovery Channel magazine

  page 24-39

The Day - Time Travel News

This article from The Day discusses the US Government's computer programme that enables them to spy on internet activity around the world.

(You'll be able to access this article when you are inside school)

At the bottom of the article you will find some interesting links to explore and ideas to think about.

Find out more...

Would you like to find out more about time travel?

Here are a few keywords to get you started with your search, can you think of any others?

Try adding one or two keyword in this 'Sweetsearch 4 me' searchbox.

'Sweetsearch 4 me' is a search engine that only finds resources suitable for school students:

Books in the Senior Library

Find out more about themes relating to dystopia in these books from the Senior Library collection: