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IB Geography - Political Outcomes: Loss of Sovereignty

A guide to Political Outcomes for your IB Geography topic - compiled by your librarians

Political borders and TNCs


  • Discuss the links between the diminishing effectiveness of political borders and the flow of goods, capital, labour and ideas and the role of the single multi-governmental organization such as the EU (European Union), ASEAN etc

On this page we will look at resources about:

The factors that can be considered responsible for fading of political borders

Global Free Trade Agreements

free trade agreement

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source: Google Books 

Are nations' borders disappearing?

Starbucks and McDonalds

The Magic Bean Shop and the Fries That Bind Us

Click on this image to view a poster about globalised companies, in particular Starbucks and McDonalds.

Labour Mobility

mobility of labour

Extent to which the workers are able or willing to move between different jobs, occupations, and geographical areas. It is called horizontal mobility if it does not result in a change in the worker's grading or status, and vertical mobility if it does.
definition from BusinessDictionary

A mindmap from Bized on labour mobility

Fading Political borders

(Hint: This is an animated gif, reload this webpage or click image to watch from the beginning) (source: KOF Index)

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Online articles about Sovereignty

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Navigating our global future

As globalization and technological advances bring us hurtling towards a new integrated future, Ian Goldin warns that not all people may benefit equally. But, he says, if we can recognize this danger, we might yet realize the possibility of improved life for everyone.

Ian Goldin is director of the 21st Century School at Oxford. Watch this video to hear his views and analysis

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