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IB Geography: Changing space - the shrinking world: Internet in India and Iceland

A guide to resources on the shrinking world for your IB geography course, compiled by your librarians.

The Internet in Iceland

Explore the following resources to find out about the internet in Iceland.

Find out about the internet in Iceland, its history and rate of diffusion.

Find figures for internet and facebook usage in Iceland.

The Internet in India

Find out about the internet in India:

Find figures for internet and facebook usage in India.

Visualising the growth of the internet

You have already seen this diagram in the 'Internet growth and the digital divide' section of this libguide.

Explore the map again to compare the differences between India and Iceland in terms of internet growth.

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This animation, from the World Mapper website, shows the growth of Internet users around the world from 2000 to 2007.

The world of the internet

 Click on both Iceland and India on the map below to compare the internet statistics for the two countries..

Internet in India & Iceland in 2008

These videos talk about the internet in both India and Iceland in 2008.

They can be used to compare the development of the Internet in the two countries but remember much will have changed since 2008....