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IGCSE Science - Should fertilisers be used in Singapore?: Fertilisers

A guide to resources for your Year 10 debate on whether Singapore should legislate for crops that have been grown using organic fertiliser only, compiled by your librarians.

Fertilizer Documentary

Eutrophication and the Nitrogen Cycle

Click on the image to view this article in Geography Review, Volume 23, November 2009.

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Satellite Harvest

An innovative way for farmers to see where fertilisers are needed on their farmland.

What is compost?


Find information about fertilisers

(Source of picture:

You can find lots of information about fertilizers on the internet, try using the 'Website' option in the 'search box' box at the bottom of this page.

Science of fertilisers

This 'Crash Course' video explains how Fritz Haber invented chemical fertilizer and the science behind fertilisers.

Find out more about Fritz Haber here.

What are Herbicides and Pesticides?

(Source of picture: EcoNews)